Sundays – 10:30am – New Room at the Best Western (Liberty Street entrance)

8 Things to Know

  1. Simplified service.

  2. New room at the Best Western – use E Liberty St entrance.

  3. We are required to wear masks, as mandated by Governor DeWine.

  4. Having said that, we don’t police this. We won’t kick you out if you aren’t wearing a mask, we simply ask you to be respectful of others who are more cautious than you and give them space. In other words, be a decent human being. :) (And no discussion conspiracy theories, please.)

  5. Bathrooms are available.

  6. For now, bring your own coffee.

  7. Kids are with us during service.

  8. We will livestream our services on Facebook..

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Southside Community Church
Sundays at 10:30am
243 E Liberty Street, Wooster
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